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After Match: Opinion of sambists


Emir Zholdoshkaziev – Winner. +98 kg. Youth male sport sambo /Kyrgyz Republic/
The Asian and Oceania Championship went well. All the strong sambists came. All of my fights were very hard. I met with sambists from Mongolia, Turkmenistan and the final athlete from Uzbekistan. They are all very strong. Thanks to Allah. Today luck was on my side. Coaches, two brothers and the whole team of the Kyrgyz Republic supported me. Now I am preparing for the World Cup, which will be in our country.

Sagira Adil – silver medalist sport sambo / Youth (Women) -65kg /Kazakhstan/
I took silver medal in the weight of 65 kg. The championship is going very well. This is my first medal in sambo. In the final match, I met with sambist from Uzbekistan. It was difficult. We fought as equals. At the beginning, I was leading in the score but lost by one point. Now I will prepare for the World Championships in Bishkek.

Sejal Singh – bronze medalist, combat sambo, 65 kg /India/
It was an amazing experience. I got a medal for my country. Women’s wrestling is very good in India. Sambo and wrestling are close to each other. It helps us. Now I want to earn a gold medal in the next championship.

Shakhlo Khamidova Winner. Youth female 50 kg /Uzbekistan/
I participated in the Asian-Oceania Championship in Astana in 50 kilograms. My first rival was a Chinese athlete. The fight was difficult. In the final match, I met a Mongolian opponent. She is very experienced. But I won and got the gold medal. My parents and coaches helped me to reach this level. My aim to raise the flag of Uzbekistan at international competitions.